Mastering Color Theory: A Deluxe Course for Spray Tan Professionals 2


Mastering color theory separates the common spray tanners from the extraordinary. By the time you finish this course, you'll be able to figure out your client's undertones and skin type, so you can make the PERFECT spray tan solution for them. Solutions vary from person to person (and if you mess up, you could be stuck with a color we all dread in this biz...ORANGE).

But don't worry - if color theory has been too puzzling for you, this course will help you break it down into simple terms. There will be a quiz and overview after every lesson to help drive home all that you've learned. I'm totally confident you'll be satisfied with the value from this course!


1. Understanding Undertones: Uncover the secrets of undertones, learning how they influence the spray tanning process and contribute to the overall outcome.

2. Bronzer Base Basics: Learn about the three main bronzer bases and their appropriate uses.

3. The Color Wheel and Its Practical Application: Explore the color wheel's significance in spray tanning - this portion will help tremendously. 

4. Tailoring DHA Percentage for Each Client: Learn the art of customization by understanding what DHA percentage suits different clients, ensuring optimal results for diverse skin types.

5. The Fitzpatrick Scale Mastery: Navigate the Fitzpatrick Scale with ease

6. Questions for Skin Type Identification: Discover the right questions to ask your clients to better understand their exact skin type. 

7. Solution Mixology: Understand how to mix different solutions to achieve a perfect, custom blend - because we know, one size does NOT fit all. z

10. Selecting the Perfect Solution: - Become confident in selecting the BEST solution for each client 

11. Concept Integration: - We tie together each learned concept so you can walk away with a holistic understanding of color theory and feel like a confident professional


Lifetime Access to Comprehensive Pre-Recorded Course: Dive into the world of spray tanning at your own pace with unlimited access to our in-depth pre-recorded course.

PDF Digital Workbook: Explore a wealth of valuable resources with printable PDFs, including:

  • Undertone Printout
  • Bronzer Base Recommendations for Each Client Printout
  • Skin Type Classification Printout
  • DHA Percentage Guidelines for Each Client Printout
  • Solution Mixology Reference Printout

Convenient Pre-made Questionnaire: Easily identify your clients' skin classifications with our user-friendly pre-made questionnaire, which can be sent digitally or manually.

Editable Digital Copies: Customize and adapt every printout to suit your salon's unique needs, ensuring seamless integration into your workflow.

Personalized Support: Benefit from ongoing support directly from me, offering guidance and expertise to enhance your learning experience.

Community Chat Access (In The CEO Hub) : Engage in a dynamic learning community through our exclusive chat room. Pose questions, share insights, and connect with fellow students and myself.

Certification of Completion: Receive official recognition for completing the deluxe course, showcasing your commitment to excellence in the art of spray tanning.

✔ IG Color Theory Templates: Share our done-for-you color theory instagram templates to your feed. These will help educate your clients on color theory and help them better understand the spray tan process 

Client Consult Forms: Customize, Download, and Share Ready-to-Use Forms for Your First-Time Clients. Forms include: 

  • Client Consultation Form
  • Client Consent Form
  • Patch Test Form
  • Model, Photo, Video Release Form
  • Appointment Policy Form 
  • Client Record Form 

Elevate your skills, streamline your processes, and join a thriving community of spray tan enthusiasts with our Deluxe Course Package – your key to becoming a confident and certified spray tan professional.

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