Art of Hospitality: Mastering Iconic Service

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 This course will teach you exactly how to take customer satisfaction to the next level, create strong relationships, and provide top-notch service that'll have clients OBSESSED. It's your VIP pass to creating ICONIC service that will in return BOOST your sales and revenue. 

Katie Clark, the course educator, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality. With her background at The Ritz Carlton Hotel, renowned for its 5-star luxury service, she brings a wealth of experience to her teaching role in this field.


Defining Hospitality: Finally understand what hospitality truly is and how you can use it to boost sales and client satisfaction. 

Pre-Appointment Hospitality: Explore strategies to set the stage for exceptional hospitality even before your clients arrive.

The 3-Step Service Approach: Learn the key components of a successful service model taught by The Ritz Carlton 5 Star Hotel 

Anticipating Client Needs: Develop the essential skill of foreseeing and fulfilling both expressed and unexpressed desires of your clients.

Empowering Your Team: Understand the importance of empowering your employees to contribute to a culture of exceptional hospitality.

Exceeding Expectations: Elevate your service delivery by going beyond standard expectations, creating memorable experiences for your clients.

Surprising and Delighting: Discover techniques on how to pleasantly surprise and delight your clients, leaving a lasting impression.

Client Preference Insight: Master the art of learning about client preferences, including the creation of a client book for personalized service.

Social Media Tips and Tricks: Leverage social media effectively to enhance your hospitality strategy and connect with your audience.

Identifying Service Values: Define and align your service values, establishing a foundation for consistent and exceptional client interactions.


1. Lifetime Access to Extensive Pre-Recorded Course: Immerse yourself in a wealth of knowledge with unlimited access to our comprehensive pre-recorded course.

2. 50+ Page PDF Digital Hospitality Manual: Gain in-depth insights with our extensive digital manual, a 50+ page resource packed with valuable information on mastering hospitality.

3. Over $100 in Gifts and Promo Codes: Enjoy exclusive perks and savings with gifts and promo codes worth over $100, enhancing your learning experience.

4. Personalized Support: Receive ongoing guidance directly from me, ensuring you have the assistance needed to succeed in your hospitality journey.

5. Certification of Completion for Display in Your Salon: Showcase your commitment to excellence with an official Certification of Completion, a testament to your expertise in hospitality that you can proudly display in your salon.


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